In today’s film industry it is very rare to hear someone talk about film itself. Before digital film came out everything was shot with film strips, not often referred to as 8mm being the most popular. When digital film came out old film slowly started to become a thing of the past until now. Recently film has quickly started to make its way back to the mainstream population, mostly for aesthetic values and video effects. I personally have noticed it being used alot on action videos such as skateboarding and snowboarding. In this blog i will be refering to Noam Kroll’s blog where he talks about shooting on Super 8mm film for the first time.


I have wanted to own a good film camera for years now but I have never had the money for it. Recently with the sudden film camera trend I am slightly changing my mind and thinking of buying a Super 8mm film camera such as the ‘Beaulieu 4008 ZMII’ that Noam talks about in his blog, it is much cheaper than a profesional film camera and gives me the film look that I personally love. Kroll mentions at the start that different digital cameras can have different quality outcomes where as a film camera is just a box that runs film through it and stays the same quality. This is a huge plus if you are intrested in buying a film camera as it saves budget and it doesn’t really matter what film camera you buy, aslong as it works.

Most people think these days that every high budget film is shot on digital $400,000 cameras, that is not true as many famous directors still shoot with film such as Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan, Judd Apatow, and J.J. Abrams. It is a huge inspiration seeing these huge directors still shoot with film stock. Even though all these directors claim that shooting film isnt that much cheaper it impacts the views more as they can distinguish the difference between film and digital.

Kroll’s blog drew me in alot as I have a huge intrest in film and how it was made before digital cameras were invented. I look forward to see if kroll keeps posting more blogs on the super 8mm film camera he recently purchased. I also look forward to seeing if in the future film makes a huge comeback in feature films and more directors follow the footsteps of the ones that have been shooting on film rolls all along. Here I will post a video Kroll filmed on his super 8mm camera, I love this style and hope to shoot some myself in the future.

Blog: http://noamkroll.com/shooting-super-8mm-film-for-the-first-time-on-the-beaulieu-4008-zmii/


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