FLM215 Blog Week 2

Noam Kroll is an award-winning Los Angeles based filmmaker and a very active blogger within the film community. His blogs vary from reviewing films and film gear, Colour correction, editing, cinematography and just about anything else you can associate with film. Throughout his website, he offers other useful information, tutorials, podcasts, and downloads. This post, however, focuses on his blog “Technique Over Gear, Or How To Continually Improve Your Craft”


Kroll starts off by talking about how you should have the true understanding of gear and how important it is to have a chance at being a successful filmmaker. He then goes on to give a disadvantage, Gear can sometimes get in the way of your creative process so you should try to find an optimal balance between both sides of film.

This great thing about this blog is that it should be read by all filmmakers, even the ones with endless amounts of gear and all the financial freedom in the world. If they go off the suggestions Kroll gives us they will only strengthen their skills and become more resourceful, creative and unique. This blog strongly catches my attention and lets me relate to everything he is saying being an amateur filmmaker myself. Kroll goes on to relate to me by saying when he first started he didn’t have any equipment or money. This forced him to develop his skills further and goes on to say “You don’t need resources, you just need to be resourceful”.

As for the layout for Kroll’s website, it fits perfectly with the theme he is going for and is extremely easy to navigate compared to other film blogs I have come across. It catches my attention by having a beautiful design and nice aesthetic images across the website with more to discover on every page and every blog.

The message Kroll is trying to convey in this blog is that we can’t keep relying on the best gear in the market, use what you have till its no longer usable. Challenge ourselves as much as you can to increase your creativity and make your project more unique.

Noam Kroll’s blog: http://noamkroll.com/technique-over-gear-or-how-to-continually-improve-your-craft/

Image used: http://45jo5o2sxknq2fucgi3kwxpa.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Fotodiox-ND-Throttle-Filter-Review-700×500.jpg


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